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Julie & Ricardo - Wedding session on the beach in Los Angeles

Julie contacted me after her wedding, unfortunately she was disappointed with the photographer she hired and disliked her wedding pictures. To make it up for it, she wanted a new session with her husband. After scheduling our session on a beautiful beach in Los Angeles, Julie had the chance the wear her wedding dress for the second time, she went to her hairdresser & makeup artist to get the same style.

We met few days later at the beach during the golden hour, the sun just started to go down and the light was beautiful. During the session, Julie shared a great secret with me, she was pregnant with her first baby. Who knew she'd become a good friend and I'd assist to the birth of her daughter Salomé 9 month later, being her doula ? Sometimes I met clients that are later becoming friends, it's a beautiful gift.

wedding session

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Bride and groom

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Wedding photographer los angeles

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