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Happy Birthday Godson ! - Los Angeles kids photographer

My godson, Charly, turned 3 years old 3 days ago. Wow. He isn't a toddler anymore. Well, as usual I wasn't here for his birthday.

This is probably the hardest thing when you move far to your country. When you're expatriate. Even more when you live REALLY far, we speak about 5600 miles / 9000km from home. Each travel from Los Angeles to Paris turns is costing us an arm and a leg. And each time I/we come back, it's a terrible heartbreak. We don't get months to stay oversea, but we want to see so many people... It always to fast.

It would have been less expensive and less far to live in New York. But the funny fact if both my husband and I wasn't looking to especially go to California. So many people dream to live here. I wasn't. I really wanted to live in the US for a while, but California was only sea sex & sun in my head. I came here as an au pair. The family choose you (you're able to refuse or accept though). It was a family in L.A.... I would go to NYC. But the family was nice so I accepted (In fact, it turned out they wasn't nice at all, but this is another story!!!). I kinda didn't like Los Angeles for 4/6 months. Too huge, not really pretty, ugly architecture. Then, I finnally started to discover some great places. And now that I know so many beautiful places in LA, I love this city so much. Eventually New york looks so cold, almost boring, and people over there looks so stressed and worried. I would have a different point of view if we where moving to NYC, for sure ;)

Anyway... the hardest thing when you move far away is to let your loved one behind. Your family, your friends, it's hard. Really hard. But when we speak about kids, it's even harder. They grow up, they finally don't really recognize you anymore. You don't really know them either. But you still loved them so much. You think about them every day, for sure...

Charly is a really happy kid, funny, with a big sense of humor. See you in may :)


I did our last photo session in August 2013 before I moved in Los Angeles


And this is her sister Louise, she was 3 and half years old then



My favorite picture of him with me :)



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