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What should I wear ?

For lifestyle session (engagement, maternity, newborn and family photo), you should always wear something you’re comfortable in. If you manage to walk in high heel, then go for it ! If you never wear dresses... Ask you if it's the good time to wear it. If it's something you are not use to, but you really really want to wear that dress or those shoes, just bring a "back up".

For pregnancies sessions, try to choose clothes that shows your belly.

Try to avoid as much as possible outfits with logos, pictures or words on it, it'll be eye catching and we want  you to be the main subject, not your shirt :-)

I’m always happy to help you choose your clothes. I'll allow some time to give you advices - if needed - when I’m coming for the session. If I'm not going to your home for the session, we can have a further conversation about it before the photoshoot.

For best results, I recommend you to have your nails and hair “straight & clean”, it doesn’t especially mean going to a professionnal for the session, you surely can do what you're use to. If you want a make up artist for your session, please tell me when you book so I can schedule it for you.

For babies & children, same advices + have some wipes ready :-)



When should I book ?


It's best to book few weeks earlier. When you're pregnant, it can be difficult to walk the last weeks, not to mention the baby could come before the session !


For a newborn, the earliest is the best for the session, and you'll experience many feeling after the birth... I'm sure the photographer will not be your first thought ! Booking beforehand while you're pregnant is the best. Give me your due date and let your partner text me when you gave birth, I'll call you few days later to schedule the session.

For a baby, toddler, family session, let me know as soon as you know you want to do a photo session.

For weddings, months before ! If it's a last-minute request, I might be able to help you, otherwise I can try to find you a photographer among my colleagues.


What's the best moment?

For maternity session, 7 to 8 months is usually the best, but everyone is different, and it can be earlier especially for multiple !

For newborn, before 15 days of life is the best for your baby. After few years working as a photographer, I can tell you the earlier we do the session, the less your baby will be bothered and the best will be the pictures ! I know this is a bit overwhelming after the birth, but I have a lot of experience and your baby will be in safe hands.

For a baby, 6 months, 1 year…. are great ages (the first sitting and walking moments). Let’s try to book after a nap (and let me the snack time to photograph ! I love it).

For kids, engagement and other outside sessions, the late afternoon is the best to catch the golden hour which provide the best  lightning !




How to choose the place ?

I LOVE the sessions in your home. Because it’s your nest, the pictures will be the best ! We can do a part indoor and another part outdoor. There is no special preparation, I'll guide you when I arrive. The only time I prefer to have the photoshoot elsewhere is if you're home is very dark. However, light or dark is subjective, and professional camera are amazing to correct bad lighting.

I have a lot of different spots where I like to have photo sessions.  It'll depend what you like ! We are very lucky to live in Los Angeles where we can have city-like pictures, as well as beach style, country style… I’d also be happy to go in your favorite spot !

My main location is Los Angeles area, but I love to travel.  I’m also going to France at least once a year. Send me an email if you have a national or international project.


How long will last the session ?

For newborn, allow 4 hours for a newborn session, it can be much more faster but every babies are different and I'll stay as long as we need. The baby needs to be in a warm, quiet and peaceful room to not be bothered.  I'm leaving when I have the pictures I want, it can be after 2 or 4 hours - you'll have the best pictures !


If there is siblings (especially if they are toddler), I encourage one of the parent (or family, friends..) to go out with him or her, I'll of course take sibling pictures before or after, but during the session I'll be focus on the baby and it can be a bit overwhelming for the little brother or sister, so many people focusing only on the new baby.

For other sessions - allow 2 hours+ , it will depend if you have multiple locations in mind or only one, how far is it...


How long will it takes to get my pictures ?

You'll receive a sneak peek typically in the next two days. The entire session will be ready in less than three weeks. If you need one or few pictures for birth announcement card or anything else - let me know.

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